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Immediate Cash Needs

Future Income Needs


Available Funds

Immediate Needs

How much money would your family need to cover current expenses if you passed away unexpectedly? Think about things like:

  • Funeral or other final expenses
  • Mortgage, care and credit card payments
  • An "emergency fund" for family members
  • Education expenses for children or grandchildren

Future Needs

Looking into the future, if you lost your income, would your spouse or other family members have enough to cover their ongoing expenses?


Enter the rate of return your family would expect if they invested any life insurance proceeds. (Default at 6% per IPC)

Enter a reasonable inflation rate to expect for your family's expenses over time. (Default at 3% per IPC)

Available Funds

What existing funds could your family use if you passed away unexpectedly?

Think about:

  • Savings (stock, bonds, mutual funds, cash)
  • Retirement 
  • Other (inheritances, rental property, annuities, etc.)