Value of Advice

An advice from a subject matter expert or second opinion from a financial professional can significantly impact to important events of your life. Professional Financial Advisor with a firsthand knowledge of finances, understanding your needs, and make recommendations in your best interest can prepare you for all the important phases and needs throughout your life.

People who receive financial advice are more successful in achieving their financial goals, accumulate more financial wealth, well prepared for retirement and unexpected events of their lives than people who do not have access to a trustworthy professional financial advisor.

Meeting a Financial Advisor?

The right financial advisor is not just provide you advice, In fact they go above and beyond to learn each and every essential fact of your life to provide the best suitable solution for your need. The Financial Advisor must be a trustworthy and qualified professional, who can create a best client service experience you expect. Quantity of advices and recommendations are worthless to a certain degree if it’s not coming from one qualitative financial advisor. Theoretically a highly qualified financial advisor with strong financial services background, experience, and pulse on the financial industry not only helps you through your financial planning need but also helps in making wise and informed decisions which can change your life either way.

Five Qualities to look in your Financial Advisor

1.  Is your Financial Advisor is trustworthy?

Make sure all your personal and financial information is well protected and not be able to share with any one including your family and friends, unless you want your financial affairs to be known to your loved ones.

2. Do you have a connection with your Financial Advisor?

It is really important to whom you can connect on a personal level, Financial Advisor has more to offer than just a financial advice. A good financial advisor is able to share experiences from their own personal life and focus to your concerns and financial problems.

3. Does your Financial Advisor understand you and your needs?

It is critical to have a financial advisor who listens and understand you before offering any advice. A good financial advisor offer solutions based on your needs. Make sure yours is providing you right solutions for your financial problems and not selling you just a product.

4. Is your Financial Advisor is accessible?

As times goes on past decisions can have an impact on present and future conditions. A good financial advisor is a well-connected professional and easy to access person to you. Make sure your financial advisor is available to you periodically and able to review your financial plan timely. It is a good idea to have a financial advisor in your community and who has a physical presence at local branch office.


5. Does your Financial Advisor provide you full, true, and plain disclosures?

In Canada the Financial Services Industry is highly regulated and has strong safeguards for consumer protection. The professional and highly compliant financial advisor always provides an easy to understand disclosure of services and fees. Make sure your financial advisor provides you all the necessary disclosure before you make any decision or opening an account.



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