Wall Street Advantage

We believe in long-term philosophy, whether it is about investments or client relationships. Our one-on-one client relationship model can guarantee you the service excellence you deserve.

How does it look like to have a Wall Street Associate?

Wall Street Associates are more than a financial advisor, and our clients are more than a number for us. It is absolutely true we don’t build client relationships based on your portfolio; our client relationship model is designed and structured in a way where each of our clients is treated in the same way and the bottom line is                        “Treat the client the way I like to be treated.”

Wall Street Associates are certified professionals, equipped with industry knowledge, fully loaded with solutions to your financial problems. They all are trained for the same values and committed to our clients for the following:

  1. Act in the best interest of our clients

  2. Bound to implement high standards of ethics and code of conduct while dealing with clients

  3. Compliant in their respective service areas for our clients

  4. Duty of care to our clients

Once you retain one our associates, you are not only retaining a single associate in fact each associate is backed by a team of financial specialists with expertise in Accounting, Taxation, Mortgage, Investment, Insurance, Wealth Management, and Estate Planning.

It means you are getting full solutions under one umbrella. One stop shop at Wall Street’s platform let you focus on your daily affairs and committed to take care of the rest for you.

You are the reason why we are best at your service!

If you have any complaints or recommendations about our service, Please call us at 1855-707-2015 or email us at customerservices@wallstreetcanada.com

We assure you at Wall Street; every second we are thriving upon our client values. Thank you for your trust in us