About us

Wall Street Canada® is the registered trademark of Wall Street Canada Managing Corporation. Wall Street Canada Managing Corporation is one of the full services financial solutions firm with an extensive clientele across Canada. The firm was founded by a group of financial services professionals and now it became a consumer brand for personal financial needs. Wall Street Canada’s core values are based on act in the best interest of clients, putting the client needs first, and to build an ongoing relationship.  We build communities by building solid relationship with the people and care deeply about the financial needs of those people. We bring need based solutions at door step in the neighborhoods by introducing a unique one-on one client relationship model which not only guarantees you a service excellence you deserve but also making it accessible as a one stop shop for all your financial solutions at the corner of your neighborhood in your local community.

Wall Street Canada® is more than a financial planning services firm where one can expect absolute transparency of the process, full and true disclosure of services, and a trustworthy client services.We believe in long-term philosophy whether it is about investments or our unique client relationship model.

Wall Street Canada® is solely a Canadian financial services corporation and helping Canadian individuals and businesses alike.  Our broad range of products and services allows us to meet the financial needs of our client in every phase, providing customized solutions to build a tailored long-term financial planning strategy that is well aligned with their current needs as well as with their future goals. We are dedicated to deliver an excellent client service and to be the top notch support fortress for our associates. At Wall Street, professional associates are street smart and have strong background in financial planning services; they are well equipped with industry knowledge, financial services education, and qualitative service experience. Our associates are specialized in the product and services they are responsible to advice and certified by industry organizations, they are fully prepared and well trained to cope with financial difficulties of clients. They know the “nuts and bolts” of a right and long lasting financial plan, and capable to develop strategies to build a solid comprehensive financial plan that’s right for them now, and in the future for their generations.

Our service approach is unique in both style and industry practices, Wall Street Canada ®  is shifting the paradigm of financial planning services by providing a full solutions under one umbrella and dedicate one personal financial services associate just for the one household. We are unique because we have no limits to serve our clients through our unlimited product shelve and to offer them variety of services. We are prepared to understand your financial problems and have the strength and endurance to deal with them in any period of time.

Wall Street Canada® provides all insurance products and services through its subsidiary firm Wall Street Financial Solutions Inc. Wall Street Financial Solutions Inc is the full service insurance brokerage.

At Wall Street Financial Solutions Inc. we understand the enormous demand of insurance needs of our Canadian families and our goal is to protect every resident of Canada from unexpected and manage their risk before managing anything else because we believe financial stability and economic growth is extremely important for our client’s socio-economic status and to make Canadian families financially independent.

Wall Street Financial Solutions Inc. is a Managing General Agency and one of the leading distributor of major travel insurance and financial services provider in Canada. We are able to provide broad range of insurance solutions from travel insurances, life insurances, to employee group benefits. We are also able to provide broad range of segregated funds as an investment solution.