Term Investments Plan

Are you saving for your new home or short-term needs?

Let’s park your money in an investment vehicle to receive extra income while you are waiting for your next biggest purchase.
Time and money has a long relationship, Let us give you a right time value for your money in Canadian Investment market place.

Make informed Investment decision

  • Market-Linked Term Investments provides you a return at maturity with in a pre-determine range
  • Let’s locked in your Return on Investment (ROI) you decide and earn more than you would with a traditional GICs
  • Guaranteed minimum returns ensures you don’t lose any money  
  • Enjoy term flexibility
  • Potentially higher returns than a Fixed-Interest Term Investments
  • Risk-Free access to basket of securities of well established companies in Canada and worldwide
  • Eligible for Registered Savings, TFSA, RRSP ,RRIFS ,LIRA, LIF in addition to Non-Registered Savings